Okay, so yeah… I let this little piece go untouched for a while, but this is only due to the fact that I’ve been busier that a… uhhhh… something pretty GD busy.

Since Megacon 2010 (which was in March), I’ve been fueled beyond belief and working my brains out on an upcoming project (a project that I’ll be shoving into the faces of any and all who cross my path… be that in person or on this here interwebs)… Be on the lookout!

Being hunkered down with your nose to a laptop can make a man crazy, So I took time to fuel the imagination and burn out the insanity (while at the same time emptying my wallet) by attending two of the worlds most awesome and nerd-centric events to grace the beautiful (and by “beautiful”, I mean sickeningly hot and muggy) city of Orlando, These events would be BotCon 2010 (a convention geared towards those who share a creepy love for all cars that transform into lovable and warlike robots) and Star Wars Celebration V (a 4 day love fest for Star Wars fans)… I took several pics and videos and as soon as I find a way to work them into a blog-post, you can bet ur ass I will… so give it 20 minutes or so. Cheers!

Alright… So what I wanna do now is post a couple sketches (unfinished of course because it keeps expectations low). I’m currently focused on putting together a little print that I wanna put out with the upcoming DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY comic that I’ve been obsessing over since March… so, here’s a sneaky little look at a piece of it… Cool?

That sketch didn’t layout the way I figured it would.. Dammit! All this technology and NOTHING reads my mind or provides me the interactive 3D holographic images of friends and loved ones from which to take orders while investigating intergalactic criminal activity… off planet… Oh well, hope you like the sketch… Much much more to come.


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