Right on, so today hasn’t been a complete wash… I’ve brushed me ol’ teeths, drank a pot of coffee, pee’d like an American and sort of completed page 10 of what’s going to be my web-comic DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY… I say “sort of” because I have issues with commitment in terms of thing I do… so “sort of” is just gonna have to work for now.

Next order of business is to complete a piece of fan art that I’ve been threatening to post for some time now… Not sure if any of ya’ll are familiar with the Evelyn Evelyn project that was put out by Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley… Well, it’s a cool little concept that tells the life story of Evelyn Evenlyn a set of conjoined twins who are orphaned at birth and thus abused throughout their lives until they… uhhh… well, maybe I’ll just let you figure that out for yourself (all zero of you who read this). Anyways, it’s really a twisted and bittersweet tale and the music in great and imagery is awesome and if you live in a cool city, you’ve probably had an opportunity to catch it live (I don’t live in a cool city and thus haven’t had the chance to enjoy it live, so I just draw picture).

Well, that’s me for today.


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