EH! The only reason I’m posting anything at all is because I promised myself that wouldn’t fall off of this GD thing… So here goes.

Weekend started out pretty okay… Got to attend a Birthday Zombie Freakfest held in honor of my dear friend Amy Williams. Drank a bunch of that evil evil southern sweet tea flavored vodka had a great time and couldn’t go home at the end of it all due to the fact that my AC died (May the owner of Lenox ACs be forced to eat his children in order to make it through the winter). So, the wife and I spent the night at my folks place. Next night we made it back over to the Carroll home where we once again got to burden our loved ones with guests. Got up this morning, came back to the hell pit otherwise known as my home and waited in the heat for the GD AC guy to come and deliver me from my anguish… It never happened because just as I realized the AC was fixxed, I also noticed that I’ve somehow picked up a bug (and bug that crawled into my body and is systematically shutting down all of my functions and wont stop before he drains my will to live). All that said, I didnt draw or tone a figgin’ thing all weekend or today and not only am I feeling like white hot ick, but I also feel behind, worthless and like a bum.

So there you have it, I’m heading out for a Slurpee…


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