So I’m back for a bit a blog dump (not that I’m gonna say all that much… nothing of value [well i guess that all depends on what you consider “value” ahhh anyway] ), it’s been a slow week… I’ve just been here chipping away at the Deep Space Tragedy project. A project for which my buddy Brett Reighn has gone WAY above and beyond and basically put my new webpage together by himself… for this I am truly thankful. Were it up to me, there’d probably be no page at all or maybe I’d have had to do terrible things to strangers with money… so, cheers to Brett.

Last weekend was alright, kinda slow… Got some much needed yard work half done and i did get to make it over to Park Ave Records here in Winterpark FL to catch a rare in store appearance by STEEL TRAIN (it’s a young rock and roll band from NJ). Funny, their record was given to me a couple weeks ago and since then, I haven’t been able to get beyond it… Please please please show these guys some love. They’re good, talented and from what I can see, their collective heart is in the right place… really solid.

As far as sketches are concerned, i’ve done a couple… Being as since I posted the Sandman and then Death, I figured I’d just be an asshole if I didn’t try my hand at the others. So… Here’s Despair…

NOT the prettiest of her sibs, but necessary… and really cool to draw. I actually did Desire before Despair (I’m just keeping her/him close to the vest for a bit). I really didn’t wanna toss another “easy on the eye” type of character right after Death… Know what I mean?

Either way, I started the sketch for this one and really got into it. I honestly haven’t seen a version of Despair with definitive features or any kind of distinguishing marks that really make her stick (other than the fact that she’s always naked), so i felt obliged to take a little bit of license with her face. I didn’t go for the zooish under-bite and bulldog teeth, I pulled back on the eyebrows because I want to give her eyes like her brother Dream and kind of gave her a bit of a turned up British style nose… to me it’s important to see her as something more than a monster who brings with her the ugliest of human experiences… She’s more of a consequence or an example… and there should be a some dignity there… I mean C’MON, she friggin naked for Pete’s Sake!!!

So yeah, here she is and she’s my favorite thus far. Okay, this went longer than I wanted, so i’ll let ya’ll go after reminding you that the NEW WEBPAGE is almost ready to get rolling and DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY will be going live by the end of the month (fingers crossed)… please stay tuned and let me know what you think.

In a bit,


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