… So yeah, today’s Tuesday and I wanted to get to you so badly that it’s been killing me (mostly only because I had a GREAT weekend that I really wanna talk about), but work was busier than heck yesterday and I spent the every bit of it wound up in everything other than what I wanted to do, so… that’s yesterday.

Today however, I am sicker than heck (AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). I get up, all is good. I make cereal and eat (not before taking a Lactaid), I drink some coffee and take some calls, route some mail, get the chills (not the cool retro hip hop, urban outfitters style of chill, mind you… the chills of impending doom are the ones I’ve got. back the drama…), swallow hard, puke my guts up (and other very very fun stuff)… So that’s been me. I’m really only here to post the Sandman and Matthew to my blog… pick him apart until I get back, will yuh?

There we are…

In a bit!



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