Still feeling like ass, so I did a Death sketch… get it?

Either way, I’m reeeeeeaaaaalllllyyyyyyy not satisfied with her at all, but I reeeeeeeaaaaaaalllllyyyyy wanted to put something up, so I’m gonna have to deal. What’ll end up happening is I’ll redo it, semi-likthe new one and then pull this one off and replace it… sometime. And no, this isn’t the Endless week here at Mike Wagganer blog, I’m just feeling ’em again and going with it… it could be that Halloween stuff is showing up in stores and I’m getting all in the mood for Gothy stuff.

Well being as I have you, I may as well have done with it and mention my weekend while I’m here… the buzz is definitely going south, so… ah whatever… So Friday was great, did some shopping with the wifey and got some new duds… a slick new winter hat and all. Saturday was school research ALLL DAAAAYYYY LONNNNGGGG, BUT but but but, it ended with an AWESOME night out with 2 of my buddies… We went to the Social (a night club in ORL) and watched Plane Jane Automobile slaughter an audience (in the good way) just before Jimmy (oh my God you talented talented talented SOB, why aren’t you the President yet?) Gnecco came out to finish us off. I swear to you… that guy walks into rooms and cannot help but suck all of the air out of it… enough said, PLEASE check him out… seriously. So yeah, we finished with the show around 2 AM, grabbed a quick bite (from the Italian Sausage guy who parks his dream wagon outside of the Independant Bar [my favorite place on earth) and went on home. Then, woke back up like 4 hours later to spend AAAAALLLLLLL of Sunday on the boat with my dear friend DD, her girlfriend Jen, My wifey and my buddy Bill… it was great and that’s all I have… Plus, Brett just came in to make sure that I’m working on the banner for the new web page, so I’ve really gotta cut this… okay, back to work.

In a bit,


Oh yeah… start sitting on pins and needles for DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY because I am and needle sitting is best with friends.


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