Thus far today’s been quiet… so quiet, that it’s making me nervous…

The weekend went off without a hitch, we had a couple BBQs, some drinking, some swimming, some goodbyes to old friends and… well… nothing much else. We finished the whole thing off with a viewing of the Wrestler (because that was a great effing idea)…

Right now I’m sitting here working and putting some color to a couple fan art projects that I have in the cooker. I know that I keep threatening do put these guys out, but I’m holding off until I get the new web page up and roaring with all sorts of misdirected artistic energy.

See, what’s happening is that I’m in the midst of building a new Internet home for me and the projects… It’ll make it easier to show off my junk and maintain communication with the ones I love (and that would be anyone who gives enough of a rats ass to look at my scribbles).

What I should be doing at very least is a doodle a day and posting it in order to keep everything flowing with as few excuses as possible… You know what? That sounds like a friggin’ great idea… I’m gonna go draw and them follow this up sketch. Cool?

Okay, so I’m off… In the meantime, take care yourselves and we’ll chat soon.



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