Yesterday was hell (be it on wheels or whatever) and it all started with dinner from the night before … Need I say more? Regardless, I spent the greater part of the day dizzy with VERY negative feelings and thus nothing was accomplished, nothing was started and my new friend (this here blogger) was never touched. Be that as it may, I’m here now and though there’s nothing much to report, I have brought with me, a sketch… It’s my way of making up lost time. So here you go… a sketchy crazy little robot with 2 heads (get it? “2 for 1”).

So there we are… yeah, he’s wearing briefs… friggin’ hilarious (if you’re me).

Okay, so on to the day thus far… I’m behind as a result of yesterdays gastrointestinal nightmare and freaking out… I never made it to the movies with the boys, so there’s a little guilt, I half assed some laundry and now my wife has a very small (very new and very expensive) dress to donate to Goodwill, the loan and grant research never happened and NOTHING was done on Deep Space… Megacon is rolling around the corner and I’m getting the Yikes! I want to be able to put forth a new sketch book with all new stuff (something better than the 2010 book), i wanna do prints and have things to give people that’ll thrill them, I need the webcomic to go live… I dont know how to market myself and oh crap… everyone’s probably feeling the same way.

On to cool stuff… I’ve been talking a lot with my buddy Ed, he’s really putting in the time and getting things done, His book is looking amazing and his sketches are really showing growth (not that I think he sucked, but it’s just really cool to notice improvement… it’s just cool). Joel has a killer ass concept for his artwork that he’ll be unleashing upon the nerds at 2011 Megacon… all I can say is sweeeeeetttttt! and yeah, there’s other folks who consistently beat my butt with coolness.

Anyhow, I’m gonna move on and get to work. I’ll hit back as things unfold. If I don’t, ya’ll have a nice weekend and call me, I miss you



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