Well maybe we are nearing the end of the day, but I just wanted to send a little Flintstones Birthday love out into the stratosphere…  Hope everyone’s enjoying the vibe.  Seems like yesterday I (as well as probably everyone else) was sitting in front of the TV in nothing but underwear, eating cereal and singing along with the theme.  That said, I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing that for his 50th Birthday, Fred finally gets that cat to stay out for the night…  Here’s a quick sketch of Dino, perhaps he’ll help.


And on to updates…  Nothing much going on other than more work on DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY.  So far, we’re looking like we might just have this puppy up and ready to go live by the end of October (which makes me nothing shy of FREAKIN’ DISGUSTINGLY HAPPY.  Work on the cover is looking like it’s nearing the end, so we should have that ready for show in the next few days and www.mikewagganer.com is starting to come around as well, so if anyones interested at all, please check it out…  it open for business ya’ll!

Thanks and uhhhh YABADABADOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Oh and yeah…   Earlier this week I was unexpectedly reacquainted with a friend that I made while at Star Wars Celebration V!!!!  Everyone say hello to the beautiful and talented Beck Kramer. Beck is a Doodler from my neck of the wood (Virginia) and she’s made it her life’s goal to fill the world with more “cute” that anyone can handle.  Seriously, she’s a really talented and accomplished artist whose more than approachable and easy to talk to, so check how her stuff at http://beckadoodles.typepad.com/

In a bit!

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