… It’s 4:22 and I’m only just now getting online… that’s what happens when your stupid thing somehow comes detached from something else, you end up spending the day looking at your cellphone in hopes that someone (OH DEAR GOD SOMEONE) calls to let you know what’s going on in the world(which no one ever did). In my case, I just called by good buddy Bill Fitzgerald to come over and set things right…. BAM!

Mikies back to work in 7 and a half hours flat!!!

Any old way, I haven’t felt much like doing anything… at least nothing focused or value added, so I just drew pictures… Oh look, here’s one now.

This guy’s just sort of a creepy robot doctor looking fella with a tire iron in his right hand and an umbrella in the other (umbrellas just work for me, guess it’s because I’m nothing if not a frustrated goth who never pulled together enough beans to actually go to school in eyeliner… it was hard enough just going at all… giant head and a neck like a stack of dimes). Okay, so that’s me for today.

Hey look, I realize that I say nothing of any true value on this thin. If deep thought and social commentary is your bag, you’re gonna have to give me a sec… I’m a slow burn and I’m just trying to feel my way around. Before too long, you’ll all be standing by just hurting for another installment of “What’s doing in this dickheads stupid life?”, I promise.

So to get things started (in terms of things I have cooking in the real world-), I’ll make a little list of what’s bouncing around in this bean of mine.

I might be taking the boys to go Scott Pilgrim

I will be going on a boat trip on Sunday

I am currently and secretly pissing my pants with nervous angst

I’m gonna be researching grants and loans in order to get back into school

I’m always thinking about DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY!!!!!!! which is COMING SOOOOOOON!!!!!

Okay, enough of this trash.

Talk to you later



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