I have something to explain…

I’m easy…  I’m an easy person…  If someone I like or admire tells me something, I believe it.  I take things at face value and though this has gotten me into trouble a time or two, more often that not, I do get to experience something new and exciting and then BLAM!!! life happens… right there in the kisser.  I’m also a holiday guy…  I’m forever looking for a reason to celebrate, decorate, give and receive gifts or just party…  THIS is the reason for todays blog post.  A person I admire (Neil Gaiman) has put it out to the world that he believes that there simply aren’t enough “instant holidays” that expressly involve the giving of books as gifts.  So he’s thinking that this should be something that we (the world) do…  Hmmmm.  Well, lets see…  I’m easy (as stated above), crazy for holidays (or any other given distraction from the mundane), I love me some Neil Gaiman and there’s no way in heck that this could cause harm to anyone…  LET’S FRIGGIN DO IT!!!!  Neil (who I can only assume is now a god because I guess I figure only gods can put days on calendars) wants us to give scary or creepy books to people during the week of Halloween.  He’s provided some names and resources to help us along if need be, so go check his blog or visit allhallowsread.com and HAPPY ALL HALLOW’S REEEEEAAAAAD!

I wonder if Hallmark has any sorta special edition All Hallow's Read tree ornaments in the works for this one yet?

Okay so anyway, that explains the above posted Zombie (a request from my good friend Brett Reighn).

WOW. all this and there’s only 1 day, 9 hours and a bunch on minutes and seconds left until DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY goes live.  Craaaaaazzzzzy Days!

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