Good evening ya’ll!

What a hell of a day thus far…  I’m super amped for the Deep Space Tragedy go live (3 days and 8 hours left).  and very semi pleased to present to you the next member of the Endless…  Desire.  She was an odd/fun challenge and i had a good time working with her.  I really wanted to maximize the androgynous nature of this character,  so I basically took Amanda Palmer (brimming with expressive energy) and mashed her up with James Dean (an icon for the hyper-cool male) in order to serve to you a confusing mix of lanky white flesh…  EAT UP!

As is stands, Destruction should be the next member of the Endless clan but thus far, he hasn’t been playing nice..  We’ll have to work on him a bit more…  Fingers crossed

Okay, gonna go!


and again…  3 DAYS UNTIL THE TRAGEDY (of a deep space sort) BEGINS!!!

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