Well here’s your chance…  Sorry for taking so long to get back around to the wild and wonderful world of blog posting,  life has indeed gotten in the way (and by “life” I mean all of the time I spend trying like crazy to get my friggin’ comic ready for the Halloween go live).

Being as all I’ve been doing is drawing and writing and worrying and calling a close friend who’s helping me to make this dream o’ mine come true, I haven’t really given myself a whole lot of time to sit back and ponder the coolness of the everyday thing…  It’s a shame because things ain’t all that bad…  Maybe later.

Okay, so the below posted sketch is a do-over for me…  I put a black and white ink version of this idea in my 2010 sketchbook and it really never cut the mustard, so here’s a new one that I stuck together with the help of some newly acquired Photoshop skills that I’m working to sharpen.

This piece is going up in honor of a particularly insane friend of mine who’s crazy enough to answer my screaming calls for help…  He doesn’t like it when I talk about him or tell people that we hang out…  but he’s a Batman fan, so I hope that he enjoys this…  Thanks, Brett!!!

Okay, back to the grind…  I promise to get more stuff up here and to try and keep current.


Oh yeah…  notice the blood on the tip of the umbrella…  HOLY CRAP!  it’s like the Joker stabbed someone with an old umbrella…  How insane is that!?!?!?  I personally think that’s friggin’ NUTS and just his kind of crazy.  I love it that that little idea came out of my own personal brain 🙂

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