I really wanted to touch base yesterday, but work had to get all workish on me, so here I am.

The weekend was just a weekend and thus nothing spectacular to report. Went on a bit of a gift card shopping spree with the wifey and had some fun with that and then got to attend a house warming party for a friend (congrats to Zach for buying a home).

Here’s something cool, I got to slide around on an adult size slip-n-slide (this would be at the afore mentioned party) and that was more fun than it should’ve been… i love doing anything that involves almost nakedness and dirty thinking… if you can somehow find a way to add in bottles of wine (don’t care what color, don’t care what it costs), then hey… Go get the hose!!!! So that’s me for now.

Alrighty… OOOH YEAH!!! On Friday I got the new TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS BLURR ACTION FIGURE!!! That’s him below

He is terribly slick and looks like he just came skidding in from the pages of an IDW comic book… THAT’s a page from one below.

and oh man, how much do I love this figure? I dont know, it’s just… a lot. So, he’s basically just a repaint of the Drift figure (which should piss me off…. but it doesn’t…. so there). And yes, that’s Drift down there below

I have to be honest with you on something… Several months ago i got to attend BOTCON 2010 and it was there that both Blurr and Drift were placed on display for the first ever. I took several photos (no shit?) of Blurr as he’s a classic character and I have wanted him with the fury of the ancients ever since… honestly. That said, you’ll imaging (how deeply i soul kissed the UPS guy and…) how hard my hand were shaking as I scrabbled to open the box in which he (Blurr) came. Now for some reality… Yes, he’s very stiff. Yes, he’s a repaint, his heads a bit big and that hampers articulation and yes THEY PAINTED OVER HIS GD LIGHT-PIPING, but he’s Blurr and that’s what rocks about him… He’s like 5 or 6 shades of hyper electronic cybertronian blue and he comes with this 10 foot long sniper rifle that clips to his back and he emotes cool to the point where I think i almost got laid on the account of having him… almost. So there, go buy him or something and oh ha ha haaaaa… I like my Blurr so much that I went and did a sketch of Mirage (another cool Transformer)… At least he’s blue… and thus, “Blue Tuesday”.


And yes… I have noticed that one of his tires has been blown off in battle 😉

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