SWEET!!!  They’re in AND they made it up to the front!

I’m sure that many of ya’ll remember your first concert experience ever…  If you’re anything like me, you probably purchased tickets 9 months in advance, didn’t sleep the night before, counted the tickets 30-some times between the drive way and the venues parking lot, sat patiently in line quietly hoping that everyone around you would somehow suddenly find something better to do or perhaps (and better yet) drop dead with the bends, bought 1 of ever piece of merch, held your pee for the 2 hours before the lights went down and shot daggers into the eyes of the opening act while they so selfishly waste 45 precious minutes that you could spend watching your personal rock idol… give or take a detail or 2.  Anyway, these guys are in and they’ve found a “Prime” spot…  There’s nothing that could even come close to glitching the night…  No friggin’ way!

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