Okay!  So everyone’s feeling the show thus far and we can all assume that the nights gonna flow smoothly from here on out, right?  Well don’t shut down just yet because as it stands, there’s still secrets that need to be told, connections to make, robots who suddenly go off line and even a couple who need some savin’.  The action begins Monday for the Bots of Deep Space Tragedy and we’d be glitched to miss any of it!

That said, I just wanna grab a moment to say thanks to those of you who took the time to check out the opening piece of my story (the whole dang week of it).  Your kindly transmission have been (and are) greatly appreciated…  I live for this kinda stuff.

I’d also like to say thank you to Ed, Brett and Tracey as I’d NEVER IN A BILLION YEARS have been able to get started on this project if it wasn’t for your guidance, support and love.  I promise to grow and learn and do better.


Okay, taking Sunday off and then Monday begins the weekly transmissions of DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY…  See you then!

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