Here’s page numero dos!

This page represents my first time ever working with word bubbles (a task that one might think should take less than 6 steps, but noooOOOOOOOooooo) and seriously, I’m pretty sure that the crevices on my keyboard have like 80% more hair in them than ever…  what a friggin’ goat-rope… sheeeesh!  How’s a guy supposed to worry about important things like ART when technology is busy kickin’ him around the room…  and lets not get into the MAC VS. PC “thing”…  K, Brett?

So there you have it, page 2…

Keep on the lookout for page 3 and his buds as they’re on their way as well.

Hope ya’ll had a safe and Happy Halloween and maybe handed out a creepy book or 2

Best regards, Mike

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