It’s been a bit since I’ve been on here doing anything other that Deep Space Tragedy stuff, so I figured I’d toss up a couple sketches that I have in the works.

First off we’ve got a rough sketch Yoda that I felt motivated to do for obvious reasons…  Rest in piece Irvin Kershner.  Next is Sgt Kupp from the Transformers. I’ve been wanting to draw this guy for some time and now that I see that there’s a new figure coming out, well HECK’S BELLS, lets Wreck N Roll!  Finally there’s Destruction…  I was slamming out the Endless for a bit there and had to give ’em a break.  Destruction should be a nice ray of sunshine from the Gothy vibe that all of the others seem so good at sending out… gonna make his a bit more bright and…  uh…  well, bright.

Well that’s me for now…

OH YEAH!!!!  please DO NOT FORGET to hit up Kickstarter link for the Price!  Please oh please oh please help make this thing happen. Less than 34 hours to go and 84% funded.

Okay, gonna run and get to work on finishing some of these sketches and stuff.  Again, I hope that everyone had good holiday.

Up and out,

Jedi Master YodaSgt. Kupp SketchDestiny

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