Get this…   There’s a guy out there named Christopher Salmon and he’s working on what you might call a dream project based on a short story called “the Price” by another guy named Neil Gaiman.  Cool, no?  Neat thing about it is that something great has happened for Christopher and he needs our help to make it even greater and to make it  “something great” that happens for all of us.

This is basically what went down… Christopher (like many) read this cool story, he’s inspired (like some) to make it into an animated piece and from his pitch, he actually gets the thumbs up from none other than Neil himself to move ahead on the project (Like when does this ever happen?).  HOLY GUTS!!! this is huge and it would be the equivalent of say…  (place the name of your creative idol here) giving you the thumbs up to present their personal material to the entire world from your perspective…  you’re vision… your hands.  That’s enormous and DAMMIT, I wanna see it happen for him.  Here’s the catch…  There’s a price tag attached to bringing this piece to life the way Christopher see’s it and it’s not cheap, he’s looking for help via and he’s looking to us for it.  Christopher’s put together a beautiful example of what the end result will look/feel like and I believe that once you’ve seen it, you’ll feel me on this.  I’ve attached some links for you to (PLEASE) check out, one is for a short video outlining the idea in it’s current state of development (beautiful) and then there’s a link for Neil Gaiman’s blog where he basically says the same thing I just said (only a whole lot better).

Please check out the video below and thanks for lookin’



Oh yeah and as dorky as it sounds, I like to wish the Dream King and HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

Neil Gaiman Post

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