If you follow the little potty mouthed podcast (VOICE OF THE REPUBLIC) that I do with my buddy Ed at www.9mmstudios.com,  You might know that I’ve been threatening to do the below noted sketches for some time now.  That said, I really wanna toss it out there that today’s rip offs were absolutely born of nothing shy of pure pure love.  A little over a year ago, my buddy Ed is living in Japan and he contacts me asking that I send him some “essentials”…  soap, rubbers, I can’t remember the rest…  It’s just stuff he can’t get in Japan, so I’m like, sure!  Upon getting home with the items that need mailing, I get the urge to draw (I guess the condoms made me reminiscent of the Safe Sex 80’s),  so I started doing a little Keith Haring rip AND because I’m mailing everything to a huge Star Wars fan, I then decide to mash in some Star Wars imagery and draw it all on Ed’s envelope.  He seemed to like it a lot and wants it on a T-Shirt, So now it’s here for all to enjoy however you like.

The first rip involves Clone Troopers.  Now I know that there are several of you out there who HATE the new trilogy, so right beneath my terrible Clone Trooper piece is one I did up especially for my Original Trilogy Brothers and Sisters that features Storm Troopers (instead of those blasphemous clones).  Either way, I’m not too concerned with who or what you love or why or even how, just be safe about it.

Okay…  Up and out, Mike

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