…  And just when you least expect it, there’s a Mutha Grabbin’ robot rock band standing in the room waiting to unleash an unholy can of beat-down on yuh.  What a way to end 2010…  Ladies and Gentlemen, DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY PAGE 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright, page 14 is late and though I have no excuse, I want you to know that this might me one of my favorite pages so far…  I say this because I’m just so happy to have it up here for you guys.  Please enjoy and feel free to hit me back with questions, concerns, comments, realizations, hidden truths, secret fantasies, torrid confessions and/or maybe even old family recipes.

So as we all know, the holidays are in full force.  I’m just saying this because like anyone else, the Bots needs some time off.  What’s going to happen is this…  We’re gonna take a break, sit back, look at the road ahead, think about ways to screw it up, drink Eggnog and then come back at you next year!  I’ll be sending out updates to keep everyone in the loop, so don’t worry.  For now, we just want to wish you all the happiest of holidays and thank everyone for the support and love that we’ve received in 2010.  Cheers!

See you in 2011

Same Bot time, same Bot channel!

Up and out, Mike

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