Just kinda finished up on this sketch and wanted to toss him out to the world…  His name is Kup and he’s an old old Autobot whose seen a lot of action in terms of wars and battles and stuff.  He’s always been a favorite of mine because of the potential in terms of what could be done with the character (if they were to maybe use him in an animated series or a movie or whatever)…  Either way, he’s just cool and here’s my stab at him.  ACTUALLY, this sketch is a direct rip off of the poster for THE LAST DETAIL with Jack Nicholson…  it’s a pimp poster, check it out.

OH YEAH!!!!  Hasbro is putting out a newly redesigned figure of Kup and it’s coming out in Wave 7 (I think) of the Generations line.  This will be the first real redesign of Kup since the original version of ‘im from back in the G1 days (that doesn’t blow all kinds of goat over the place)…  He even kind of looks like he does in the IDW comic series (please please if you like Transformers, go check out Last Stand of the Wreckers or Spotlight Kupp…  they ROCK) AND!!!! If you’d like to see what the new figure looks like, please check out

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enough geekery…

Over, Mike

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