Evelyn Evelyn

Greetings one and all, step right up!

Above you’ll find some fan art that I did purely out of excitement for a great concept record called Evelyn Evelyn.  Produced by Jason Webley and Amanda Palmer, Evelyn Evelyn chronicles the life and trials of a set of parapagus tripus dibrachius twins who upon their birth are delivered from one dark situation to another, until… well, I’ll let you find out for yourself.

Either way, it’s not all blackness and doom, woven into the piece you’ll find colorful characters and rich settings that’re illustrated by the music and storytelling.  All in all, Evelyn Evelyn’s way more than just a record, it’s a traveling Pop Vaudevillian sideshow that’s had me coming back  in search of hidden gems of entertainment on more than one occasion…  and it’s delivered.  Please check it out and if you do, shoot the ladies a smile, they just want you like them.

Kind regards,


Have a listen to album on the player below or visit EvelynEvelyn.com for more info.

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