Right on, so we’ve made it through another week and the bots of DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY are yet again standing by to greet you.

Grab up a quick look, go backwards to see what you’ve missed and let me know if you want me to just tell you what’s heading our way…  I’m super easy with stuff like this.  Seriously, I welcome any questions or comments and I damn straight listen to constructive criticism, so hit me.

Actually and since I have you here, I’ll go ahead and say that I’m thinking the next few weeks are probably gonna get a little nuts…  The countdown to Megacon 2011 has officially started (at least to me it has) and that means it’s time to get prepared.  This is gonna be my second time showing and I’m super excited (I’ll dispatch further details and junk as the days unfold).  I’m working on getting the first piece of DST ready for print (it’s my first ever stab at a comic book) and the idea of jamming in all sorts of extra junk is becoming more and more of an obsession, so any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Okay, so here’s page 17…  it was born of one of the toughest weeks I’ve seen in a while, so…  that’s just me being a wuss.

I hope that you’re all well

Up and out, Mike

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