Hey!  We’re back without even as much as an explanation…

Alright, alright, I’ll spill it…  Last week I got an opportunity to work a really cool, very heavy freelance gig with an extremely (hmmm…  Shall we say, challenging? Yeah, that’ll do) challenging deadline and I took it without even thinking twice.  Don’t feel badly, I’d expect the same from any of y’all…  Food comes first, so eat up!

Anyway, here’s the pages you would’ve gotten last week, were I a bit more on the ball with things.  Hope you like it and if you don’t please feel free to let me know…  or whatever.

So now there’s an ass load of house that needs cleaning and a wife who’s been uncomfortably cool with my neglect, so I have some serious leaching for love to do before I get to work on the 20th page of DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY…  🙂

Oh!  Ya know, there’s only gonna be 22 pages to the 1st book of this story…  That mean I’m gonna be going to print with this thing sooner than later and with that said, y’all might wanna know how to get a copy (of course you will, because it’s going to be beautiful).  Well there’s an email button somewhere around here, I’m just sure of it… hit it and see what happens.

NOTE: MegaCon 2011 is COMING THIS WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (March 25th to be exact) and I’m looking forward to hanging out and meeting everyone, shopping for vintage Transformers at obnoxious prices and having a bunch of cool new Deep Space Tragedy stuff available for you to take home and cherish (or hell, feel free to cherish it in the parking lot or bathroom, if you want… I’m cool…).  Anyway, keep the sensors in place or just stick with me as I’ll be giving everyone the intel required to make this go off without a glitch (get it?  i use “glitch” in the story because it sounds roboty).
Okay, I’m tired and I’ve just stopped making sense.
I love you.
Up and out, Mike

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