Okay,  It’s been a friggin’ crazy week…  It’s been a crazy few weeks (friggin’ or not) and to be flat out about it, I’m surprised as hell (and maybe even a little impressed with myself) that there’s even a page to put up for you. Not that I’m bein’ all “Poor Ol’ Mike” about it, I’m just sayin’.  That said, please enjoy page 20 of DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY.

Todays page finds our bots finally at the tail end of a three month fight scene (stupid web-comic format). Standing triumphantly over two very dead Bloodshockers, Jerrik (he’d be the singer) announces that they wont be leaving (despite the fact that there very well could be Bloodshocker reinforcements heading their way).  He’s got his sights set on finding this piece of “alien technology” that got the whole ball rolling.  Is this such a great idea?  Sure, if you want the story to end here…

Well that’s me for now.  Oh yeah, Megacon 2011 is truckin’ it’s way in our direction and I’m gonna be there (all three mutha grabbin’ days of it), so dust of your kitty cat ears and prepare yourself for all of the pasty, over exposed flesh you can stomach…  I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Up and out, Mike


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