Yeah, page 22 of DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY  is more than a day late and I’m sorry.  I’m also sorry about having to send the NEWS of it’s arrival out in this impersonal mass BLAST, but what with all of the frantic phone calls and emails that I’ve been getting, I just don’t have the band width to get with each and every TRAGEDY starved fan to explain the details.  That said, here you go…  DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY PAGE 22…  NOW AVAILABLE ONLY AT

If you’re still hurt and confused by the tardiness of the page, please please (i urge you… PLEASE!) feel free to visit me at MEGACON 2011 this Friday thru Sunday… It’s at the at the Orange County Convention Center and I’ll be there to answer questions, calm nerves and sooth fears.  IF IF IF my reassurance of the future and stability of DST is not enough to calm the swell of confusion and emotion that’s building inside you (despite my reassurance that the Bots of DST will indeed continue to ROCK well into the future), I’ll will have copies of DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY on hand for you to purchase.  Buying a copy will ensure that you WILL NOT miss a single bit of the story that has single handedly changed the face of  poorly constructed, robo-centric, high voltage rock-n-roll comic based entertainment.  NOTE:  QUANTITIES ARE LIMITED AND MADE AVAILABLE STRICTLY ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS AND WHILE SUPPLIES LAST (unless you email me a request to hold one off to the side for you winky wink).

OKAY! That mess aside, I have to tell you…  A very cool cool cool coool cooooooooool guy named Tim Strunck has gone and started what I believe is a DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY sort of Fan Facebook page for me and the Bots and I’m friggin’ BLOWN THE “F” AWAY by this awesome gesture of kind/coolness.  As is stands, it’s currently got 4 members and yeah…  it feels a little bit like a nerd sausage party (which is cool, if that’s your vibe…  I’m mean…  HELL YEAH!!!) But I really wanna pack this thing full and show Tim that his kindness and effort was worth it….  SO!  What I wanna do it offer a special token of my appreciation to each and every person who clicks over and pledges their devotion to my bots…  Go Now!!!

So that’s me for now!  I’ll be hitting back more and more as we get closer to MEGACON 2011 ZERO HOUR, so stay tuned.

Same Bot time, Same bot channel!

Up and out, Mike xo


Oh yeah…  i’m not reading over this, so please excuse any sort of weird grammatical flubs…  I’m sweet as hell, but not too bright and EXTREMELY LAZY AND MISBEHAVED.


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