Okay!  Gonna keep this short as I’m friggin’ ZAPPED.

So this is page 23 of the fabulous DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY and blah blah blah…  read it and let me blah blah because i really blah your blah and… yeah…  I’m fresh from Megacon 2011 and that’s all I wanna talk about…   That and how much i love you xoxo

Megacon was a complete and total success. It was everything i’d been dreaming up and more (except for the part of the dream where I was naked and everyone bought my book on the merit of my outrageously sculpted nude body…  that never happened…  i promise)  Either way,  I got to meet and hang out with some of the coolest most talented people ever, walk around and look at wonderful artwork, pick thru and purchase some great vintage toys, watch costumed animals let go of a years worth of pent up cos-play rage and (most importantly) TELL THE WORLD ABOUT MY DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY!!!!

As stated, I’m super tired and loopy, so if i write much, it’ll probably end up really weird and i’ll put you off, so I’ll post tomorrow.  For now, Please check out page 23 (one of my favorite pages in the book thus far).  Snatch a quick look and blah blah blah.

Up and out (and in bed),


Oh yeah,  Brian…  I’ve got your sketch, lets chat 🙂

and Kaitlyn, Dylan, Rowynn and Liam…  You guys are so awesome!  You were 9000% of the show for me and I cant thank you enough.

Be good,

🙂 Mr. Mike

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