BAM!!!  So there we have it,  the last page of DST book one.

Real quickly, I wanna say thanks to those who’ve stuck around and shown love for the Bots…  I/we appreciate it (like you’ll never EVER know).

As for now, we see that DST has (in a way) liberated DOM and Riggit from the Bloodshockers.  What’s happening to ’em in the mean time is junk for book 2 (Jeez, hope it all works out). We also know that they (DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY) aren’t of this planet and that what or whoever it is they’ve been avoiding has somehow established an effective and dangerous level of contact with the powers that be (POWERS that may not BE too friendly).  Guess we’re all gonna have to stand-fast and see what materializes.

Until then, I’m gonna be stepping off for a bit…  Not to worry however, I’m hard at work on book 2 and I will be hitting you with frequent transmissions and updates on what’s going down with the bots, as well as paying some much needed attention to the Deep Space Gallery (a portion of the page that’s been wildly neglected since around Halloween of 2010)… so keep an optic sensor trained on that for a bit.

Hmmmm…  There’s a lot of stuff i wanna say, but I also don’t wanna run on and on and on…  OH!  I’m not sure about whether or not all of you guys got a chance to check out last nights NERD NATION Podcast, but it was epic and we had a lot of fun.  Please send some love over to Gene n Josh .  These guys work hard to put together a top notch nerd-centric podcast and they absolutely know their nerd sh!t…  not sure about how much of a compliment that was, but you know what I mean.  Anyway…  On the show I announced that there absolutely will be a DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY record available in the very near future.  I’m gonna hold down the details until I have more for you, but I can say this…  I’ve already gotten my mitts on some tracks and from what I’ve heard,  DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY ROCKS SUPERIOR!!!

Okay, enough…  I’m sending this signal out over the airwaves in hopes that it finds you well.  Please feel free to hit me back with all you’ve got… and thanks again.

Up and out, Mike

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