Hello, everyone!

Just wanted to reach out as I’ve gotten some email’s inquiring as to my whereabouts and I figured that some updates are probably in order…  That said, lets get started, shall we?

Actually, let me first say that I’m very VERY sorry for ignoring mikewagganer.com  (and y’all) and not posting art.  That’s lame and the lameness ends now…

Okay… so…  Right out of the gate, I’m really proud to say that I’ve been bowled over with some very cool freelance opportunities that came to me around the same time as Megacon 2011.  All of it had to kind of go under the radar for a bit (at the request of the customer), but I’ll soon be able to post it…  maybe in the next couple weeks or so, so keep an eye out as I’m stoked about everything I got to do and I can’t wait to share. The whole project was really challenging (and by this, I mean that it sucked up EVERY SINGLE BIT OF EVEN THE SLIGHTEST SHADOW OF “FREE TIME”  as well as bringing me waaaaaaaaay outside of my comfort zone). So…  cool!

.  Okay, as I think most of y’all may already know, I made it a habit (there for a while) of handing out some pretty hefty promises in terms of what to expect from DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY.  Frankly, I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.  As it stands, the second book is in the works (this time with a bigger picture in mind)…  As far as I can see it (before I’m advised that this is a stupid idea),  It’s going to open with DST on “the road”  heading “home” from the events that took place in the last book.  There’s going to be a bit of an argument surrounding the topic of what needs to be done in regards to their (DST’s) current status as a robot rock band living on a foreign world who’s natives are now being threatened by their (DST’s) presence.  Through this exchange, we’ll get to learn more about the Bot’s on a personal level, their motivation and personalities and they’ll each be given an opportunity to sort of speak to their individual goals, dreams, ideals and such (whoa…  that’s some churched up BS that probably should’ve been erased prior to my hitting the “post” button…  but, oh well).   We’re also going to be following up on what’s happened to DOM and Riggit and whether they still function.  This exchange will be bringing some new characters into the fold (some of my very favorites in terms of design and blah blah blah) .  I also see a few new member coming in to fill out the line up a bit.  All of this as well as a look at DST’s home world, it’s history and some of it’s inhabitance…  Oh yeah…  there might also be an EPIC ASS ROBOTIC BATTLE (to the death) OF THE BANDS ;)…  That’s right…  A sneaky, shady, underhanded, robot band with their optics trained on DST and yeah, their set list includes A COMPLETE FRIGGIN’ OFF-LINING OF DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY…  Sweet, huh?  I’m kind of banging my head on walls trying to dream up a slick way to present this to you visually…  I wanna get the point across while at the same time, blowing the coolness chart off the wall…  If you have any ideas, let me know…  If I use it, I’ll draw up a custom DST T-shirt, have it printed just for you (and maybe one for me) and send it to you (on purpose).  So hit me back with some ideas…  This book (after all) belongs to you and i want you to be a part of it.  So… That’s where I am with the story.

Another promise that was made (by me) was that DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY will be releasing their first ever earthbound recording (CD, LP, EP MP3 or whatever the F you wanna call it).  Let me just tell you something, my friends…  This thing is FO REAL and it is ABSOLUTELY HAPPENING.  I just received a copy of some of the tracks and…  OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG, it’s SO DAMN GOOD!!!!  I am going crazy with excitement about it…  I wanna give you guys details, but i don’twanna dork all over the place spoil anything…  I can tell you that there’s a song call “BLACK-LIGHT FREE-FALL, it’s a rocker that has that “all together bad ass, get up and sing LOUD” kind of vibe.  There’s another one called CALLING ON THE AIRWAVES (I could be wrong on this…  If that’s not the songs title, it should be as that specific line is definitely used in the chorus) and it’s solid as hell… and good.  Then there’s 2 more…  I don’t know, I don’t wanna say anymore about it because I don’t wanna jinx anything for us, so I’ll kill this line of communication right here…  but juuuuuuuusssssssttttttttt yooooouuuuuuu wait. 🙂

I don’t know what else to tell you…  There’s lots to be excited about (especially if any of this stuff means anything to you).  I tell you what…  i’m gonna cut this off and get back to work.  I promise to do my best to get on here more often and maybe even try and get some copies of some of the production tracks out to you (somehow).  I also wanna at least start putting up sketches and doodles and concept pieces…  yeah, that would be nice.

Okay, I’m about to bounce, but before I do, please make a point to check out my friends Josh and Gene at the NERD NATIONPODCAST http://www.blogtalkradio.com/nerdnation They’re good guys with a fun show, they’re huge supporters of DST, which means that they’re just as twisted as any of y’all, so you oughta get on just fine.  Another friend I’d like for you to peep out is my buddy, Ed at http://www.9mmstudio.com/main/wpblog/…  He’s a good guy (a dear friend) and he’s got a newly improved site up that’ll soon be hosting his comic called CHROME AND DUST.  CND is gritty and sexy and…  actiony?  Go check it out and send him some love….  There’s other mentions and things to spew, but I’ll hold off for now.

One more thing before i go…  I really just wanna say how in love I am with DST in terms of their musical ability…  I’m completely floored by them regularly and I can’t wait to share this talent with you… SO damn cool….  HUGE HEARTS IN MY EYE…  They rock!

Alright, so thank you very very much for your patience with me…  It’s been nuts around here.  I hope this finds all of you doing well.  We’ll chat soon…  Promise.

Up and out,

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