Hey All!!!

I wanted like crazy to get this posted on Friday (the 24th of June) in keeping with a promise to maintain a connection with the webpage and blog and YOU GUYS stuff, but being as I’m often given to bouts of extreme duuhhhh, I ended up having to wait until I could get someone to do it for me (always the princess).  Either way, here’s some “art”…  i hope you enjoy it.

With this little piece, I’m just basically playing with styles and colors and junk…   Wanted to see how DST would look w a more animated, Saturday morning cartoon kind of approach.  I for one, dig the hell out of it…  The Bassist is waaaaaaaayyyyyyy simpler that usual (and he might be my favorite).  The others have a bit more detail and thinner line work going on.  Though they aren’t all the same, I feel as though they play well together and it does me ailin’ heart good to see it.  The colors were tough as I’ve NEVER really thought of them that way and…  it’s just weird…  I dig the the purple on Dev.  Jerrick could use a little more flash, so i think i might be playing in this vibe for a little while…  just to see where it takes me.

Okay, hit me back and let me know what you’re thinking or doing with yourself these days…  I’m all ears… and love (as always) 🙂

Oh yeah!  Please join me in welcoming Torreon Martin to the fold…  He hit me up via the Facebook last night (or shall i say way friggin’ early this morning).  I haven’t had a chance to respond to him, but will be doing so this evening.  Torreon and I met at Megacon 2011 and believe it or not, he remembered me, so I’m flattered and honored and looking forward to pushing my robots in his grill all nonstop like…  so show him some love, he’s gonna need it.


Alright, I’m zapped and busy, so Im gonna bounce.  Be sure to take care and TALK TO MEEEEEEEE.


Up and out,


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