a sketch of the bots all beaten to hell and dead :)


Just taggin’ back in with all yuh in order to let you in on the hap’s with our favorite robot rock band DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY…

As it stands, the record is in full friggin’ swing…  From what I’ve seen (and heard), the bots’ve been burning their processors out, trying to meet their self-imposed dead-line of (place ridiculously ambitious date here) and thus far everything’s moving along according to plan (actuators crossed) .  Almost all of the hard-core recording is in the can, but their not up and running yet…  As you may already know, DST is a three bot set-up, who until now have giving the job of keeping beat to their collective internal pace maintaining units (and yeah, that would be lame ass, off the cuff robot talk for drum machines).  The challenge at the moment is to find juuuuuuusssstttt the right bot to finish things off.  Once that’s done, everything’ll need to be mixed, mastered and handed back to be giving to you 🙂  All I can say for now is that it shouldn’t be long.  So uuhhh don’t

stop believin’  Cheers!

As for the issue of the next book and when to expect to see some stuff posted (actual content and not just dorky pin ups), that’s on its way as well…  Promise.  The low down on that would be this…  Deciding that DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY is an idea worth running with, I’ve made the decision to go ahead and write the entire story (at least this particular chapter of it).  Sitting down and giving it some thought, it’s come to me (by way of advice) that the story is going to cover the span of about 6 books.  At this point, I have the arc established (which is cool) and I have the whole thing broken down into six equal parts.  The job for now is to focus on the 1st book and get that all prettied up good and proper.

SO!  that’s me (and the bots) for now.  Please feel free to hit me with comments, questions or request (seriously…  I’m a glutton for piling stuff on my plate as well as the plates of those around me, so ASK ME!) and let me know what your thinking…  As stated (maybe, I’m not totally sure), we welcome any and all contact. Connection…  it’s the point of all of this 🙂

Okay, be good and we’ll see you soon.

Up and out,


And oh yeah…  Let me just say that (in regards to the music end of things) “Calling on the Airwaves” is MOTHER GRABBIN’ EPIC AS ALL GET OUT…  I’m fighting off the urge to send a copy of it (in its current state of incomplete-ness) out to you guys just to get you all hot and BOThered, but I don’t wanna ruin the big reveal…  this track kicks so much tail-pipe (quote stolen from Cliffjumper of the Transformers) that I get all quivery and dancy whenever i hear it…  just you friggin’ wait!!!

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