So it’s been a little while and truth be told, I shouldn’t be sitting here struggling to find things to say…  But I am, sorry.

What you’re looking at here, is the cover page for the new DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY story.  The whole things gonna play out pretty much exactly the same as the last go ’round.  So be ready to see an update every single Monday morning.

What we’re about to get into is the start of a 5 book mini-series, each book consisting of 22 pages. We’re picking up some time after the last story and the intro page is going to fill you in on all of that, so I’ll just let it do it’s job and move along with some other stuff.

You may notice that there’s a little media player thing tucked up somewhere to the right.  Well, the bots and I dare you click on it…  What you’re gonna find (providing you make the outrageously provocative, free thinking and down right sexy decision to click on this media player) is some real life DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY MUSIC!!!!  Not only have Jerrick, DEV and Dolus been busy getting into trouble for me to draw out for you, but in the off-line hours, put together a couple DEMOS of their music to share with all of us.  It’s been impressed upon me to explain to all of you that these tracks are strictly DEMOS (DEMOS DEMOS DEMOS).  Once complete, the songs in all of their glory will be made available as downloads for you to keep and share with friends and foe alike.  Until then, please feel free to come as often as you’d want to, click like crazy and play them into the ground.  BAM! So that’s that.

Let me just tell you that it’s absolutely been a crazy year since the last time a comic page posted to  I’d love to spell out the gory details, but meh…  Just take my word for it.

That said, I’d very much like to (in spite of the dorky, sappy and self indulgent nature of it), express my deepest, spaciest and most tragic (that was terrible but i’m not erasing it) thanks to SOME of the people who’ve enabled me to keep this satellite in orbit.

Ed Siemienkowicz at

Damon Gentry at

David Roby (who can also be found at

Jay Meriam (I’ll get back with you on a webpage)

Brett Reighn,

Tim Strunk,

Ian Spradling,

My family,


I thank you.


Okay, so DST posts in a few minutes and I need to finish this thing up.  Be good, take care and let me know what your thinking.

Up and Out, Mike


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