Okay, so I had this awesome plan to do a big cool review of Megacon with all kinds of photos that I took with my phone and the idea was that it would kind of move through each day hi lighting events as they took place. BUT (and it’s probably MY FAULT because the good folks over at word press couldn’t be the ones to blame for such a confusing set up) I cant seem to make it come together in order.  SO!  I’m gonna chat for a sec and slam up 4 pics and call it done because i dont wanna keep you any longer than I already have.

So Megacon was great but getting ready for it was nothing shy of hell (as I know it is for everyone who takes part).  However once you get there, it’s easy to forget about all of the work, tears and sacrifice involved with having everything set up…  I mean it’s all REALLY worth it.

The night before the show, I met up with the Nerd Nation gang as well as the guys from Cosmic Times (Both from South Florida).  Nerd Nation is a podcast and community of people who love comics, indie artists and all things that could go along with that vibe (as well as drinking, staying out too late and having their “stuff” together).  Cosmic Times is in the business of producing great comics for the world to enjoy (and like Nerd Nation, they also have it together).  I (for reasons I’ve forgotten) was invited to join Nerd Nation on their first ever Indie Artist Panel that showcased artist from Cosmic Times.  As stated, this was Nerd Nations first ever panel and you’d NEVER have known this from the outside, looking in…  It was a total success.  Not only was the room completely full for the duration of the 2 hour panel but a punk named Mike Wagganer got to meet and hang with a bunch of really wonder people who are now members of the DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY community.  The Nerd Nation Indie Artist Panel was a wonderful opportunity and I cant thank the team enough for allowing me to be a part of it.




Now all of that was just the panel, which took place on the second day of the con.  By that time, I’d already met a load of great comic art lovers and all around cool people who’d pretty much made me feel like a friggin’ movie star or something.

Not only THAT, but some of the artists on show at Megacon this year were showing off pieces that floored me…  So much talent in one place at one time…  No wonder there were like thousands of attendees.

I could honestly go on and on about this for weeks…  Heck, I still think about last years Megacon all of the time. But what I wanna do (in order to keep myself  from reflecting on the present), is pick out a couple more shots from moments that made this event so very very special and call this thing done… sound cool?  Here we go!

My first commission on the very first day…  I was asked to draw him as a Nightmare before Christmas character.  the response was way more than i’d expected and it really set the tone for the whole event


This next pic here actually had me on the phone to my Mom…  I grew up with this stuff, how could I leave that show without making this MINE

YES!  That’s a custom piece…  A one of a kind from Dan Parent HIMSELF.  I now own a piece of history.

Okay, so as it stands, I’ve shared a couple pics and I’d assume that it’s no mystery to you that I had a lot of fun, but I CAN NOT let you go until i share jjjuust a couple more.

This next shot is of new friends to the Tragedy, Cory and Tia…  We met at the panel and they came back the next day to chat with me at my table.  They’re an awesome couple and I had a good time getting to know them.  However, upon telling them about my new Josie sketch (by legendary Dan Parent) I noticed that Tia looks oddly familiar…

C’MON!!!  That kid could be Josie!  and I strongly urge her to start a band…  However I think Cory should start carrying a bat around with him. ha ha  Seriously, very cool folks and it was my honor to hang out.  Thank you guys for making the con so great.

Now Cory and Tia arent the only cool folks I got to meet, there were tons of ’em (literally).

The next and last photo (for now) represents a moment that I will never forget… NEVER.  It’s important, so it’s getting a place of honor on mikewagganer.com because …  I don’t know, the encounter just body slammed my heart and made me wanna cry one of those ugly cries where you gag and sweat and snot bubbles come flying out.  Seriously.

This is me and Lucy.  Lucy is an artist and she came to my table in order to pick up a replacement copy of my sketchbook as her other one is worn out.  She digs my work and told me so (right to my face).  How awesome. Awesome awesome awesome.

So cool!

I’m gonna leave it there for now and post more tomorrow.

You guys have a good night and look forward to cool cool stuff coming out this joint.

Up and Out, Mike

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