Hey guys!

I’m moving at like a friggin’ million miles and hour and i just wanted to stop and remind you that tomorrow’s Megacon at the Orange County Convention Center in good ol’ Orlando FL.  I’m gonna be there with some of my friends (I’ll make a list and post that as well, so stay tuned).  But for now, i just wanna show you where I’ll be hanging out.  It’s the Burgundy section and it’s table 11A…  It’s gonna be the one with all the DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY STUFF ALL OVER IT. Feel free to swing by and say Hi! all over me.

I should’ve posted a floor plan thing and it’s pretty blurry and all, but i put a red dot (a red dot for hotness) on the very spot upon which i will be spending the next three days.  If you need land marks and visual reference in order to find me, it’s the table closest to the video games and bathrooms at the back of the room…  where all the cool bad kids hang out.

There’s also gonna be an artist panel on SATURDAY night…  It’s hosted by Megacon and the good folks at NERDNATION PODCAST.  I’m gonna be up there with my lovely James Whynot and a load of really cool artists (list to follow).  We’re gonna be talking about uppity comic art stuff and how dang near impossible it was to get our books out to you…  Dropping names and badmouthing folks all left and right…  should be a proper good time.  Nah,  Im gonna be on my best behavior, so feel free to hang back, ask questions, learn stuff and ROCK!

Okay, I love you, your gonna be my best friends all day long.

Up and out, Mike


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