It’s been about a minute since last I included a blog post with a page update, so I figured now should as good a time as any to start dipping in and saying stuff…  Been nutty ’round here, no point in going into it 😉

Thus far we have DST back in the swing of playing shows, however this time ’round they’re playin’ to the lower level bots of COG (awwwww).  Everything seems pretty much glitch-free but hang tight…  this is a comic after all and that just means nothing’ll ever just go according to plan.

Either way, please enjoy and hit me up with any questions or whatever.  OH YEAH!!!  There’s some kind of mess going down with my system and I dont have the ability to see any of your comments or messages.  Best to hit me at mike.wagganer@gmail.com 🙂

And being as I have yuh…  the next page coming is my favorite one.  not that I don’t dig what I’ve done thus far, it’s cool enough (or else i wouldn’t have tossed it out for inspection) but the next page just rocks me.  AND AND AND If any of you haven’t checked out DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY’S music that’s been pasted up there on the right hand, nows the time…  It’s starts to play into the story at this point…  by way of clues and hidden messages.

Oh and…  The bots and I have some pretty cool stuff in the works and though I can’t really talk about any of it yet, I promise that once I can, you’ll be the first I come screaming like a little girl-bot to.  Actuators crossed.

Alright, so I hope you’re all out there making it happen.  I’m around if you need me.

Up and out, Mike

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