Being as all ten of you are probably already thinkin’ it, I’m just gonna come right out and say it…  I BLOW at even trying to come off as though I’m anywhere even closed to being organized.  To those who may’ve bought into my little dog and pony show, I’m sorry.

See, I had this dream of coming in every day after Megacon and loading my blog down with daily tales of coolness and wow and really milking it out and it making it all emotional, with highs and lows and…  exciting middles? And then to top the whole big blog extravaganza off, I was gonna finish up with posting art from my most favorite, all time favorite, favorite, favoritest, favorite artist EVER (who I know).

Well it didn’t happen.  Why?  I’m not sure…  Time slipped away, I became distracted or I don’t know blah, blah, effing blah, words, words,  more words, excuses, blah.  Either way, it never panned out, I have a bunch of stuff to show and I’m just gonna do whatever I want when the mood strike…  and in no particular order.  That said…

Ladies and Gentlemen, TINA KIM! (my favorite)

SOME HISTORY: I met Tina Kim at Megacon 2011.  She came to my table and complimented my robots.  I’m flattered, we chat , exchange books, chat some more, finishing chatting  and she walks away.   Upon her departure, I immediately begin thumbing through her book.  Suddenly I notice that my knees are vibrating and’ve gone numb.  not only that, but my ears are on fire… they felt as though they were swelling and huge and about to pop…  It’s almost the feeling you get when you’ve been caught doing something wrong or whatever…  Either way, it a reaction,  A REACTION,  I’M HAVING A FRIGGIN’ REACTION TO THE ART WORK THAT’S BEEN MODESTLY FOLDED INTO THE PAGES OF TINA’S BOOK.  WHY!?!? here’s why, because not only has a friggin’ genius just given my old old old stupid stupid (drunk on my own Kool-aid drinking) stupid ass the time of day, but she’s also complimented me (i really hope she complimented me,  because I can lie to myself like a som-be-itch) and she’s good.  I’d just been sneak attack style body slammed in the best way possibly…  or worst, i don’t know…  it’s all blurry now.

Back to the story…  At this point, my inner Jan Brady races down the emotional hallway to her bedroom (where she hides things like pride, self worth, unrealistic fantasies and stuff like that).  Once safe within the confines of her room, she tossed her tortured ego onto the bed, buries her stupid face into her stupid pillow and cries her stupid self into an even deeper dream sequence where she transforms into random robotic animal warriors who carry power swords that shoots golden light and…  forget it, I’m losing my point.  So yeah, TINA KIM IS AN ARTISTIC BADASS and…  Yep…  I really did lose my point.  So anyway, that’s kinda how we met.  Since then, we’ve traded a few emails at which point she’s even issued an extremely well written and easy to process list of areas of opportunity regarding my own work.

WHAT THE HELL AM I TRYING TO SAY WITH ALL OF THIS!?!?  HOLY CRAP, I’M EVEN GETTING ON MY OWN NERVES.  It comes down to this…  I consider Tina Kim to be a friend of mine…  A friend I hold in outrageously high regard.  Not only because she’s remarkably connected and in control of her gift, but she’s really friggin’, cool, and completely unassuming.  That said, please enjoy some examples of her work .  Down below you’ll see that I’ve placed some items from her latest sketchbook.  Please do yourself the favor of checking them out, being impressed and following her online.  I’m not just blowing sunshine here, I’m serious.

OH! and if the mood strikes,  don’t be afraid to reach out to her as she’s friggin’ cool as hell…  I mean she’s pretty busy with school and getting her whole future thang set up but…  that’s all I’ve gotta say.



This is piece of work that Tina did for me and you might notice that she refers to me as her “Megamigo”…  swoon

Above is the cover of the 2012 sketchbook…  No lie, there’s badass little comics in there and they’re good.

One of my favorite parts of the 2012 book…  eeeeeeppppppiiiiiccccc.  I want to live in THAT WORLD…  as a robot.

UGH!!! awesome…  I love this spread.

Okay… Tina has this exercise that she does…  She has friends draw shapes for her and she then fills the shapes in with genius…  This is just one of many that you’ll find in her book.  They’re all really compelling and I dont know why i picked this one to put up.  I love ’em all.

And here’s a crazy for you…   My big Sister and I used to do this very same exercise when i was a kid.  She would draw odd shapes (sometimes she would even draw them to look like something familiar) and challenge me to fill them in but I could just go with the obvious.

I thought we were the only ones but no…  How cool is that?

Below you’ll find end of Tina’s book (there’s tons more, but i didn’t wanna just put ALL of her stuff out there).  I think she really wraps her self up quite well.  Reading it actually makes me second guess hitting send on the poorly pieced together mess that has become of this post… It’s no secret, I CANNOT write.  But then how else would i be able to share, so…  here we are and this it.

I hope that you guys got something out of my little rant.  If you want MORE TINA, just hit the resources noted below.

Now go and enjoy.

Up and out,


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