Just a quick one before i start getting ready for the days ahead…

I had this big plan to post at least once a day, every day for the entire week following Megacon, but stupid old work kept getting in the way…  FAIL!   No biggie, this just extends the whole process and I now have an excuse to mope around all pissy and bummed out that my favorite weekend of the year has once again come and gone (dammit, it leaves such a hole in my chest).

Anyways, I’ll hit you with the some NEWS, some updates and some art.

NEWS:  In an act of aggressive kindness grace and trust, my new friend Aaron Pierce has invited me to table with him at this weekends TAMPA BAY COMIC CON!!!  I’m amped nervous and it should be a blast…  I’ll hit you with updates as they come about. for now, just check this out http://www.tampabaycomiccon.com/

UPDATES: DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY STARTS THIS COMING MONDAY MORNING!!!  Check it and touch base with me…  Also, there’s still some Deep Space Demos up there on the right hand corner of the screen and i wanna know what you think.  Give ’em a spin (or a thousand) and lets hear your thoughts. 🙂

ART:  I got a chance to pick up a couple things while at Megacon and I’m holding off on dispatching this huge list of stuff.  This way it gives me a chance to shed a little love-light on some of the folks that grabbed my attention at the show.

Today, I’m posting a crappy ass cell phone picture of an unbelievably slick and classy print that I purchased from a chap names Ant Lucia.  Check him out at http://antlucia.com/index.html .  We never got to talk too long as I tend to be a spaz.  I  had to fight of the urge to continually pass by, wave and remind him of how cool he is for letting me buy this piece…  Either way, GO LOOK AT HIS WORK.  Another cool point of interest is that this print is one of very few pieces I’ve gotten into the house with my wife’s approval.  She can be so uppity with her “no zombie art in the living room”  BS.  Okay, enough of me…  Check this guy out!

I also have some updated contact information for my good mate DAVID ALLEN ROBY!  He’s the mad metal headed glass eating baby frightening angel of darkness who did like 98% of the work on the Deep Space Demos.  He’s cool, we’re tight (despite the fact that it breaks his black black soul to know that Ive posted unfinished versions of his work) and he’s an unreasonably gifted person who composes music that’ll break your heart as easily as moving you to wanna jump into a pit and break your brothers arm (all in the name of sweet sweet metal love).  Look him up at http://perf.tamu.edu/blog/people/david-roby/ as well as http://invademyprivacy.com/ .  In regards to the link to invade my privacy, there’s a couple other folks who live there and I’m gonna be spraying some sunshine all over then in the days to come, but everyone gets a turn and the time isn’t right…  NOT JUST YET.  My suggestion for you is to truck on over, look Dave up and once finished with him, check out all of the other talented bastards who post there (at www.invademyprivacy.com …  there’s also music as well as comic art. 😉

OH YEAH…  I do a little podcast with my friend Ed http://9mmstudio.com/.  We’re called VOR and this is where you should go to listen US ROCK!  Actually, on the most current show, i’m an obviously freaked out over stimulated over medicated mess…  Listen in and enjoy me at my worst. Cheers.

Okay, I wanna hit publish and run…

Up and Out, Mike

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