By day Mike Wagganer is the former front man of the worlds most overlooked mega rock sensation Real Love Diplomats. By night he’s an ink stained shadow glued to his work table scribbling away at what’s sure to be his greatest creative venture to date.  After a change in career and an exceedingly warm reception at Megacon 2010, Mike’s decided to shed the mantle of daytime corporate monkey/ nighttime rock goth techno nerd and dive face first (sans eyeliner) into the world of comic art…  Though comic art is a relatively new direction for him, this doesn’t mean he’s a stranger to this tumultuous, colorful and often fickle planet.  Mikes artwork has gone on display (and has even sold… can you believe that?) at several art exhibitions in the Metro Orlando area.  As a matter of fact, his most noted pieces have actually become the driving force behind his upcoming DEEP SPACE TRAGEDY.  The afore mentioned “Tragedy” being his soon to go live web comic…  It’s the story of a team of robot aliens scouts who have (accidentally) found a planet so ripe with potential for “life” that they’ve decided to cut communication with their own home-world in order to set up permanent residency and well…  start a rock-band!!!  Could there possibly be consequences for this knee jerk decision?  How do they fare on an “alien” world? and who’s gonna carry the freakin’ gear!?!?!?  You’ll just have to stand by and find out.

So that’s what Mike Wagganer is “about”…  for the moment.

In short, Mike’s a nerd who spends his time drawing or thinking about it.  He lives in Downtown Orlando Florida with his wife and can often be found (when not at the work table) planting things in his yard, cursing the evil lord of crabgrass, hunting for Star Wars figures or Transformers or recording Voice of Republic… it’s a podcast, look it up… it’s on iTunes.

So thank you for making it so far into Mikes internet home and be sure to come back and check in on what Mike’s got in store…  Heck, while you’re here, send him a message and ask him why he wrote this in third person.

Up and out,

Mike Wagganer